Monday, April 19, 2021

I can see... your soul... in your eyes...

Cool article in the Minor News today! "Similarly, oxytocin loops, occur when you and your dog stare into each others’ eyes. Even when they’ve been fed and exercised that dog will stare adoringly. “It’s just kind of like they’re trying to hug you with their eyes.”"


Sunday, April 18, 2021

Spring proceeds quickly once it starts

Was it only a week ago that we had a low of -30?
Now it's actually rather nice to sit on the porch.
There is still lots of snow, but it's melting quickly.
The snow is highly reflective, but once a bit of dirt is bare, it starts absorbing solar radation, and melting accelerates from there.
Queen Thistle
Princess Cricket
Guess what I have?
If you guessed an apple, you guessed right!
Mmmmm AaaaaAAAAAaaaAAAaapple!

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Happy Spring!

The first geese have arrived at Creamer's Field. Look!
Both photos by Nate Kibbey

Well with our recent record snow piled ten feet high around them, those geese must be very surprised, and very hungry. As much as I love winter, this is my sign. Time to start looking forward to new growth and new life.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021


I'm sorry, but I have another Eating Apples Post. I'm sorry, I eat an apple a day, and those dang dogs are just so danged cute!

Miss Thistle loves apples Most of All.
Although Miss Cricket will never decline an apple!
Fangs! Fangs!
Fangs! Fangs!

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Winter is lingering

Although I love snow and prefer winter to summer, there is a time in spring when more snow becomes annoying even to me... that is when it's warm enough that the snow won't stick, and Rosie Creek is already open and flowing and we can't ski anymore anyway. THAT kind of snow is just annoying, and will add only mud to spring breakup.
We are not there yet!
In case you are wondering, this is my view while I pee while skijoring. Thistle, ever the Responsible Leader, always holds the line out like a boss (she would never let a long string of dogs get tangled). Cricket farts around and sometimes comes to me to be petted. Yes, while I'm peeing she wants a cuddle.
And this is my view while adjusting clothes. Thistle, once again, holds that line!
So much fresh snow! We are the first to make tracks on several stretches of trail.
Trail selfie! And yup, Thistle holds the line while Cricket farts around. :D

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Sorry but this is the third post in a row...

I have to show you our afternoon snackies.

Here is Thistle eating some aaaaaaaapple:
And Cricket eating some aaaaaAAAAAaaapple:
They are just so stinkin cute!

Hmmmm, not much else to report. Here are some more food photos!

One uh-may-zing thing about having dumplings in the freezer is that you can have them with meals, instead of as meals because they are so quick you can make more than one thing for supper! Look: My home-made jiao-zes, with pot stickers from the freezer section at the store, with steamed veggies!
My latest cooking adventure was inspired by this, except that instead of chicken I used a big moose bone, which I seared until the fat and gristle made some nice Maillard reaction goodness:
Mmmm, look at that marrow!
Also instead of that looooong list of spices, I used a pre-fab spice mix that is intended for pho. Kinda the same, right? There is star anise, cinnamon, and whole peppercorns. Anyway, I put it all into a muslin bag and let it simmer in there for about an hour, then removed it. Then I added boiled, peeled eggs, tofu skin, tofu that had been frozen and thawed, so it's like little sponges, napa cabbage, and carrots! I had not had soy sauce eggs since I was a kid, I don't think.

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Oh Miss Thistle!

Miss Thistle loveslovesloves bell peppers!
Unfortunately, the sound of slicing jalapeños is very similar to the sound of slicing bell peppers. She doesn't understand why I won't share with her. Then she wonders Why I Don't Love Her Any More.
Awwww, poor Miss Thistle. I have to restore our relationship using CHEESE!
Miss Cricket also likes CHEESE!!
Miss Thistle has developed a strange habit of pawing bits of wood chips out from near where we make kindling, and eating them. Why? She gets plenty of fiber--pumpkin and carrots and kale stems, and apples and the aforementioned bell peppers.
Well Happy Equinox to all 14 of my loyal readers!