Friday, March 16, 2018

Notes from Here and There

Exactly one year to the day since we brought her home, Cricket has finally figured out the stairs. She spent much of this afternoon happily prancing up and down, practicing her new skill:

One of Starbuck's Friends at the Denali Center requested a photo of her, so I had a stack printed out so each of her Friends can have one:

Starbuck and her pawpaws:

Freddies celebrated pi day!

I had precisely one quart of blueberries left:

DL and I have a new colleague who had lived in Fairbanks before and wanted to move back. I had met her at NREL and taken an instant liking to her, so invited her over for dinner and to share our last quart of berries. Googled for a nice berry-based dessert and found this:

It was very tasty; I highly recommend it!

A linear snuggle!

I got a Hidden Figures dress from Svaha!

Today was a holiday at UAF, so KF and I took our dowgs for a snowshoe hike and explored a new trail (these three photos by KF). Happy dowgs!

KF and me!

Dowgs and me!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Photos round the house


Charcoal stayed with us the other day:

Four! Four fuzzy things in my house! Ah, ah, ah! Vahnderful!

Cricket enjoying Roo's soffty ear:

The fuzzies looking thoughtful together:

The weather is getting warmer, so it's time to eat the things we won't want in summer, including moose stew:

The ladies helped to Quality Control on the carrots:

Fancy cornbread courtesy of my new fancy cornbread pan:

Look at this pretty photo I took of our fractal broccoli!

Meese outside! Three meese!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

On working with Elders

We are not allowed to take photos of patients at the Denali Center because HIPAA, so I drew this sketch of Roo with one of our Friends:

A few months later, he passed away. Today, we noticed that yet another of our Friends was no longer there. Rest in Peace, Friends.

Watching Friends vanish is not as difficult as I had feared. As I found letting Autumn and Linden go, watching someone pass away at the end of a long and mostly happy life is no tragedy. Their last time on earth is actually quite challenging, so to watch them slip peacefully away is not so heartbreaking; it feels like the natural order of things.

The bigger challenge is watching them mentally slip away as their minds deteriorate. We have several Friends in the dementia wing who used to delight in our visits, but who no longer recognize us. That is sad. I wonder what Starbuck knows about it. Do you think she knows?

Friday, March 2, 2018

Chinese New Year Photos

Oh, before I get into Chinese New Year Photos, here is a photo of the gift cheese a student gave me. Puns!

Jiu-cai. I only used half of a giant bunch, and forgot about the other half for about a week. Then DL asked me why "it smells like something died in the fridge" and whoops there was my slimy jiu-cai.

The completed filling. My friend with the shellfish allergy has moved temporarily to Tennessee, so I put chopped prawns into the filling again. I miss her; prawns are a small consolation.

Mmmm jiao-zhes!

I am a master at roasting chickens. Check out this beaut!

Hangin' with two- and four-legged friends!

Dudes cuddling their doggos:

The next day, I put the leftover filling (after we had used the rest of the wrappers) into a drop biscuit pan:

They tasted fine, but stuck a bit to the cast iron:

Leftover veggies are going into stir-fries:

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Snugglin' and Skiin' photos

Look! My fuzzy things are snugglin', and DL even managed to hide his Resting Grumpyface and look happy with his doggos. :)

Super pretty photos of our neighborhood forest from an overcast day:

Whoops! Dang, this photo would be holiday card material if it weren't for my finger!

Huskies have self-cleaning toesies:

Wolvsies on alert!

Monday, February 26, 2018

Fuzzies in repose

Also, also! Check this out! The latest community to get into containerized gardening is in the Aleutians!

This Amazing Garden In A Shipping Container Would Only Happen In Alaska

Tim Meyers, the farmer in Bethel, has emphasized over and over how greenhouses are not economical for Alaska, and that while lettuce, tomatoes, and herbs are nice, "they don't feed people". What feeds people, he expounds upon, is cabbages, carrots, and potatoes. And I appreciate his practicality. But yet! I can't help but be delighted to see this containerized gardening showing up all over Alaska. Maybe farming is not just about "feeding people" but also giving them joy, and what is more joyful than a fresh tomato? :)

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Rest of Tanana photos

OK here are the rest of the photos from our trip! First set of photos and reporting here.

The Episcopal church:

(They also have a Catholic church, being Very Cosmopolitan.)

The liquor store, equipped with solar panels:

Around this time of year (February), the city well runs dry as the water level in the river drops. The city water supply switches to the Yukon. I am amazed that being some 1500 miles from the river source, it is still safe to drink. But of course, there are no major cities, nor farms, dumping any pollutants or contamination into the Yukon.

Here is the pipe, laid and waiting for the hole in the river to be cut:

Here is JS, for scale:

Just waiting to cut the hole:

The Yukon from its frozen surface:

Fish wheels pulled up from the river in the off-season:

Our flight home:

Each time it arrives, it is full of mail and cargo. Folks waiting usually help unload:

The Yukon from the plane:

The confluence of the Tanana and the Yukon:

The mountains to the North are beautiful:

Dog teams taking off in a caravan to Fur Rondy!