Sunday, November 11, 2018

Misc photo catch-up

Portrait of Ms. Starbuck A. Roo (DL suggested that the A. may stand for "Annette".)

Portrait of Ms. Cricket Pants:

Look! They loooooove each other:

They snuggle and gaze into each other's eeeeeeeeyes:

My coworker, being an awesome coworker, brought her puppy to work so we could all appreciate its cuteness:

Of course I had to take a selfie. His name is Hawkeye and HOW CUTE IS HEEEEEEE???

Puppeeeeee love!


Here is a photo of the ladies in floppage:

So of course I had to take macro photos of their schnozzes:

This is super dignified, right?

The "I voted" stickers this time were adorable (I especially love the walrus in the beaver hat. It's so ridiculous and surreal!):

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Cold weather, warm puppies!

Well, we are still at under half an inch of snow, but the trails are frozen enough to walk on, which is a blessing! We did our first trail walks this weekend, and Starbuck and Cricket were crazy happy!

Our creek crossing was frozen solid:

Pretty hoarfrost:

Mooseys had stripped the bark from many of the trees that had fallen this summer:

Ohhhh Rrrrrroooooo:

Cricket snuggles with her pawpaw:

While I was vacuuming today, MK called. "I just picked up two new puppies and am on my way home. Are you at home? I will stop by with them so you can meet them!" Ummmm... YESPLEASEIWOULDLIKETOMEETTHEPUPPIES."




Monday, October 29, 2018

First Reeeeeal snow!

Sunday morning, we woke up to this!

Starbuck was suuuuuper happy, and did her faceplant, otter-slide thing on that tiny bit of snow. Then we had our first 100% mud-free walk since March! As we walked the Isberg Trail, we saw that a pair of humans and a pair of little dogs had walked before us, leaving fresh tracks on the trail. The little dogs were slipping and sliding all over the place on the ice, sometimes doing 360 degree spins! I kept saying to DL, "Gee, I hope they didn't hurt themselves!" As we caught up, we saw that it was a pair of PUPPIES! So that explains the gamboling!! I did not take my camera, unfortunately, but you'll trust that they were SUPER STEENKIN' CUTE, RIGHT??? (But I still love Starbuck-A-Roo and Cricket Most of All.)

My friend MK, who is building a team, got two new puppies this week, so here is your dose of puppy cuteness:

This is Saami:

And this is Sakha:

When we got back, there was a bit more snow:

Ahhhh, finally winter! Rice and chicken stew on the wood stove as the ladies ree-lax:

That is rather a nice scene to come home to, what? DL is so lucky!

Look! They faithfully hunkered down together and, with great courage, they rode out the vacuuming:

"This sucks!" said the one in front. "This blows!" said the one in back.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

More photos from hangin' with Charcoal

Charcoal snuggles against DL's feet:

They are boneless:

Who wants cheese?

Photo of Cricket looking super comfy in her retirement:



Charcoal's HONKER!

I asked DL if I could photograph his honker. He said no, thanks.

As we headed out for our walk, I noticed that from this angle, it looked like these highbush cranberries were decorating this spruce tree!

They like to take walks together!

And finally the puddles are frozen!

Rrrrrooo looking very picturesque!

And look at this!! Charcoal, the big galoot, is actually capable of looking veeeeerrry dignified! He could be in a Ducks Unlimited calendar!

Walking home now!

Saturday, October 20, 2018

First Snow! Kinda, Sorta

Last night it began raining again, and as temps dropped below freezing, it turned into some semblance of snow. The unfrozen ground is still muddy, and we are still going to come above freezing every day at least until mid next week. But this is at least progress!

Last Sunday, there was a bit of sunshine, and the ladies lounged in the yard a bit. I snapped some rather nice portraits, if I say so myself!

Roo in profile:

Cricket in profile:

Look! They snuggle!

Cricket sez, "I put my paw on my seester."

Our voter pamphlets showed up this week. They look like this:

Charcoal is hanging out with us for a few days while his parents are at his brother's wedding reception in Chicago:

Huge! He is huge!

His appetite has not been great at home, but he loveloveloves to eat with his FRIENZ!

They fit on the couch together, too:

Oh! Oh! He has capsized!