Monday, April 30, 2018

Theroopy dog selfies!

"Good job, Roo! You made everyone's day. Before we go home, let's take a selfie!"

"Hold my paw!"

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Spring has sprung

I suppose it is time to accept that spring is here. Yesterday, on our trail walk, we cracked through thin ice and submerged our feet into water to halfway up our shins. Yikes!

And a flamingo appeared:

And so did my first mosquito! Ayah!

And we no longer light fires, and I have to heat tortillas on the electric stove! Quelle horreur!

Oooohhhhh RRRRrrrrrooooo…

Cricket is actually okay with warm weather:

They are both pretty good at ree-laxing!

And all of my fuzzy things snuggle!

They like to flop in the sunshine in the yard:

This is Tony, one of our vet's two office cats. They tease him about liking to sleep in boxes, even ones that are too small for him. He just crams himself inside:

Tony closeup!

"Iz that an apple U R eating cuz WELIKEAPPLES!!!"

This pasta creation hits several health-freak checklists: salmon, kale, carrots, and tomatoes!

They are such good friends. <3

They snuggle. <3

They all snuggle. <3

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Cordova visit

Last week, I went back to Cordova for an "Integrated Product Team" meeting, trading status updates with other team members on a community resilience project.

A glacier turning into a river as it winds down Denali, taken from my dirty airplane window:

Fire Island, with its wind turbines:

Cordova harbor:


An eagle looking very picturesque. Too bad I didn't have a zoom lens!

Cordova is very good at emergency preparedness:

The water in the harbor is pretty clear:

The docks:

Harbormaster's office:

The end of the road!

Beautiful mountains!

The fog in the Southeast reminds me of my hometown.

A dock outside a heli-ski outfitter and lodge:

Look! A daffodil bud! A sign of spring!

The flight home was so clear that the pilot swooped down and circled Denali in each direction, allowing everyone to gape at it:

Denali is a river in Egypt! If you are poor at spelling!

It is HUGE:

My home region is much less dramatic:

But it has the BEST snuggles:

Monday, April 23, 2018

The ladies at the kennel

I was in Cordova last week... Cordova report coming! In the meantime, please enjoy these photos of the ladies at Holy Dog Kennel.

All photos courtesy of Holy Dog.

The report was, "Starbuck is NOISY!! BOSSY! WOO WOO!"


Sunday, April 15, 2018

Winter winding down :(

This could be our last week or so on the trails, before they thaw to mud and then a swamp.

Nowadays, we are barely dropping below freezing at night.

Here are the ladies running on top of the crusty, icy snow!

There is quite a bit of ice already:

Rosie Creek has a trickle of water already:

Roo and her tongue:

Temperature on the trail at 11 a.m.:

Roo doing her thing on the snow. She doesn't sink in any more, though she tries. She paws at it and paws at it and then gives up and flops on the hard ice:

Ohhhh rooooooo....

Sitting pretty!

Cricket prancing down the trail!

Climbing the hill!

I only just started brushing them and was astonished that Starbuck has put out this much fuzz! Cricket has only just begun: