Sunday, September 30, 2018

Fall continues to march on in

Giant aspen leaves coming from the saplings:


Kerfloppular cuddles!

My friend and neighbor DB said since frost was here, it was time to clear out the garden. She didn't care for the turnips, so told me to take 'em all. I said, sure!

I'm not crazy about turnips either, but I lovelovelove turnip greens. I will give most of the turnips themselves away. I have a friend who loves turnips so much, his mom mails them to him from Massachusetts!

Look! A double-yolk egg! You don't get those from commercial-scale farms anymore!

The leaves are mostly nekkid now, but a few still have leaves:

The ladies on our walk:


Tiny shroom in a fairy forest:


Ice finally!

Look at this fuzzything!

Roo looking very picturesque:

And Cricket, equally dignified:

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Happy Equinox!

Cricket is sort of a princess and does not like to go for walks in the rain. Roo is easily influenced and has decided that, despite covering several hundred rainy miles running, hiking, and backpacking with Autumn and Linden and me, she, too, is no longer interested in going for walks in the rain.

So several mornings of the past few weeks, our morning run has consisted of dashing out, pooping, and dashing back inside. But maybe only one day of this in a row! The second rainy day in a row, they are too restless and are happy to go for a rainy adventure with me, so I put on rain pants, a rain coat, a waxed hat, and Bean boots, and off we go.

Then we come home to snackies, a brisk towelling-off, and cuddling in a state of great flufflewuffle:

Snuggle selfie!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

More fall photos

This is our normal weekend walking route on summer weekends. Our ski trail system behind the house is swampy in summer, but this route goes along the power line rights of way to a nicely gravelled trail. DL along the powerline trail:

The ladies:

This stinky pond:

Pretty colors:

My fuzzy crew!

Black spruce stand:


The road that goes by our house:

I picked these cranberries (actually lingonberries) in such low underbrush that they were dusty and cobwebby, so I decided to wash them before freezing. They are tough enough you can swirl them round and round:

Then you scoop them from the water, since they float!

Then I let them dry before apportioning them and freezing them!

Do you think I caught them plotting something?

Another marker of fall! First pot of rice made on the wood stove!

A nice salad:

A nice pizza:

Salmon enchiladas:

Friday, September 14, 2018

Fall has begun in earnest

Last weekend, the woods had just begun turning on their fall colors:

Over the week, the trees had burst into full color! I will take more photos for y'all, my 8 loyal readers!

Mushrooms! We have so many, and so many different kinds. Mushroom foraging is apparently quite the hobby around Fairbanks. I do not care for mushrooms anyway, but even if I did, I don't think the risk to reward ratio is to my liking! Still, I enjoy photographing them!

Look at the colors!

Last weekend, we had two frost days, and there was ice in the puddles in the mornings:

Ladies walkin' down the trail:

And DL:

*insert appropriate lines of poetry here*

First frost means it's time to pick cranberries! I left work early on Friday to pick the ones along our nearest neighborhood trail. The dogs were insanely happy. A walk directly after work is not common!

Cranberry selfie!

Roo in the berries!

Cricket in the berries!

Cranberries are the color of garnets, which are the color of wine, which is my favorite color:

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Model cabin!

Niece made a model of our cabin. It's amazing!

It even has a bag of dog food I had not yet put away when my mom took the video!

And a blue doggy bed!

And couch dogs!

Here is mamamoose being so kind as to trim our lawn:

Mmmmm, lawn!