Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Turkey turkey turkey pot pie!

This is the number one reason I prefer turkey to ham for Christmas. Turkey pot pie. I've tried the Joy of Cooking's recipe, and holy crap, what a lot of work, what a lot of pots and pans, and what a lot of washing! Here's how I do mine instead:

(1) Sauté onions, carrots, potatoes, and peas (I use frozen peas 'n carrots) in olive oil. Add turkey chunks and mix:

(2) Stir in some flour and liquid (broth, water, or cheap beer. I like PBR).

(3) Cover with spoonfuls (spoonfuls? spoonsful?) of biscuit dough. I like Joy of Cooking's oil drop biscuits, and they are healthy, fast, and easy. It calls for liquid veggie oil instead of butter or lard, and I also substitute some Alaskan barley flour from The Alaska Flour Company, and some cornmeal, for part of the flour. Adding cornmeal adds a cornbread-like texture.

(4) Bake for 20-30 minutes in a 350-400 degree F oven, depending on what else you want to roast at the same time, or wherever your finger happens to land on the oven dial. Seriously, I think most people would be surprised if they realized how little thought cooking actually takes! People act like it's a delicate balance of chemistry, but really that's only true for desserts and a few specialty items.

(5) Turkey! Turkey! Turkey pot pie! Served with collards that I steam and then toss with olive oil and minced garlic, a trick that BT taught me years ago.

Now, of course I have to share photos of my fuzzy things lounging around the house.

Here is Booger. I swear, she gets cuter every day. Lately, she's so cute it's painful to look at.

I mean, look at this! She's like a dadgum stuffed animal!

Here is DL snuggling with both older ladies. This is why he is a keeper! There is no one else Autumn will accept!

Starbuck has so many paws, she's not sure where to put 'em all. She just sort of flops them out wherever they happen to land.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Fuzzy things snuggle

And here is a photo of Autumn ree-laxing:

Friday, December 25, 2015

Photos around the house

Starbuckeroo sez, "Pawpaw, will you hold my pawpaws?"

Sweet Autumn:

Look how fuzzy Starbuck's feet are!

Autumn's incision is healing nicely, and the scab is falling off:

DB made Linden a fleece sleeve to wear outside until her fur grows back. I was concerned about how tight to make the elastic, since when it's cold (which is the only time she'll need to wear the sleeve), poor blood circulation can cause frostbite. So DB said to forgo elastic, and tie it on with a bow instead. Linden is so dang cute and gooberdy, with her sleeve and bow!

Mismatched ridiculousness looks way less cute on me:

I got a down skirt to wear over my pants, since my butt and hips get cold before the rest of me does! It works brilliantly! Starbuck sez, "I put on my fancy black outfit every day, and you're going to leave the house looking like THAT?"

Merry Christmas, everyone! Or... happy nondenominational or other religious holiday of your choice!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Solstice photos

Starbuck, DL, and I have been talking walks and skis without Autumn and Linden. Linden will get her stitches out and be cleared to do the Booger Boogie and rejoin us tomorrow! Autumn will have two more weeks of activity restriction.

This overflow on Rosie Creek is still a problem. We need more snow to cover it!

The woods behind our house at around 11 a.m.:

At the ridgetop:

And here's the sunrise, at 11:30!

The sky is pretty:

Starbuckeroo ponders:

High noon looks like this:

A squirrel's front stoop, where he has been tossing his spruce cone leavings all winter after having consumed the nuts:

Booger looking impossibly cute:

Starbuck admiring my cheese:

Autumn's schnozz:

Icicles on the parish hall:

Icicles on the post office: