Monday, August 21, 2017

Photo dump

The light outside my office window right now:

Sun on storm clouds. It's super pretty!

A few weekends ago, we went to spend the weekend with M and her partner, DN, in DN's family cabin on Quartz Lake. It's incredibly beautiful, all made from local logs and hand crafted by DN and his brother. I forgot to take photos of their handiwork. Next time!

The cabin is 100 steps above the lake, and we were higher than this juvenile eagle perched in a treetop!

This part of the lakefront is all private lots; most are weekend getaways (20 minutes from Delta Junction and 90 minutes from Fairbanks), but one guy from Delta lives there full time.

DN and DL:

Both Cricket and Roo love the porch overlooking the lake!

Although Roo also loved this spot by the woodpile:

DL and M:

They have a designated dog couch!

DL had to join the other fuzzies. They all love to cuddle!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

New driveway!

The place where I have been parking my car is mud. Our neighbor across the road does dirtwork, so we decided to hire him to dig it up, backfill it, and make us a fancy new driveway.

He dug up about a foot depth, then laid down this cloth to stop the nice fill dirt from migrating into the mud:

Then he dumped and smoothed out three different grades of fill:

Some was actual mine tailings, straight from a local gold mine:

Since he had the front end loader, he also dug out some of our old stumps, including my old splitting stump, which is unrecoverable after eight seasons of beatings:

It was so amazing and effortless, compared with chopping them out by hand!

Friday, August 11, 2017

Fair Photos!

My two primary goals for the Fair this year: Cute things and giant veggies. I think I got 10/10 on the cute and 8/10 on the veggies.

Look at these piggy-piggies! Who know they came in so many colors and patterns?

Mama smiles while they nurse!

Now here is a BAYBEE YAK!

Oohhhhhh Gooooood thooooose eeeeeeeeeyes...

Now, for BT, giant veggies!

Giant turnip!

Giant zucchini! (although I think these are also normal for California)

Giant green onion!

Giant broccoli!

The winning giant cabbage this year was a surprisingly humble 36.2 pounds:

The exhibition hall:


Giant kale!


Giant rhubarb!

Giant kohlrabi!

Pretty carrots!

Giant dahlia!

DL said I should be in there for scale:

All the pretty flowers!

Sunset at Creamer's Field:

Monday, August 7, 2017

Fuzzy things

I have a nice collection of fuzzy things, if I do say so myself:

Especially when Charcoal, the Huge, comes to visit. The last time he did this, we were just headed out the door for our morning walk. So I called his parents to let them know where he was, and we brought him along. He is HUUUUUGE.

Then, because he drools, he had his rawhide on the porch. Then I walked him home. His dad said, "That'll teach him a lesson to wander!"

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Summer thingies

Fireweed, rainbows, giant kohlrabis, and using your sister's butt as a pillow. What more is there, really?