Thursday, August 17, 2017

New driveway!

The place where I have been parking my car is mud. Our neighbor across the road does dirtwork, so we decided to hire him to dig it up, backfill it, and make us a fancy new driveway.

He dug up about a foot depth, then laid down this cloth to stop the nice fill dirt from migrating into the mud:

Then he dumped and smoothed out three different grades of fill:

Some was actual mine tailings, straight from a local gold mine:

Since he had the front end loader, he also dug out some of our old stumps, including my old splitting stump, which is unrecoverable after eight seasons of beatings:

It was so amazing and effortless, compared with chopping them out by hand!


bt said...

That's some good infrastructure work, my friend! Congrats.

mdr said...

Nice. Will it be muddier after snow melting?

mdr said...

There might be leftover gold sands :-)

e. davis said...

Nice work! All ready for winter & next spring's thaw:)Hopefully this will alleviate parking in the mud:)

Arvay said...

@mdr: No; it'll be far less muddy. :) The gravel and fine sands drain water much better than the natural mud.

Nicole Sletterink said...

Hey, what do you think he would charge a non-neighbor? That is exactly what my driveway needs.

Arvay said...

@Nicole, I don't know. We did not ask for a "neighbor" discount, although I'm sure being located across the road kept costs down. Here is his info:
His name is Kalem.