Friday, August 11, 2017

Fair Photos!

My two primary goals for the Fair this year: Cute things and giant veggies. I think I got 10/10 on the cute and 8/10 on the veggies.

Look at these piggy-piggies! Who know they came in so many colors and patterns?

Mama smiles while they nurse!

Now here is a BAYBEE YAK!

Oohhhhhh Gooooood thooooose eeeeeeeeeyes...

Now, for BT, giant veggies!

Giant turnip!

Giant zucchini! (although I think these are also normal for California)

Giant green onion!

Giant broccoli!

The winning giant cabbage this year was a surprisingly humble 36.2 pounds:

The exhibition hall:


Giant kale!


Giant rhubarb!

Giant kohlrabi!

Pretty carrots!

Giant dahlia!

DL said I should be in there for scale:

All the pretty flowers!

Sunset at Creamer's Field:

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