Monday, August 21, 2017

Photo dump

The light outside my office window right now:

Sun on storm clouds. It's super pretty!

A few weekends ago, we went to spend the weekend with M and her partner, DN, in DN's family cabin on Quartz Lake. It's incredibly beautiful, all made from local logs and hand crafted by DN and his brother. I forgot to take photos of their handiwork. Next time!

The cabin is 100 steps above the lake, and we were higher than this juvenile eagle perched in a treetop!

This part of the lakefront is all private lots; most are weekend getaways (20 minutes from Delta Junction and 90 minutes from Fairbanks), but one guy from Delta lives there full time.

DN and DL:

Both Cricket and Roo love the porch overlooking the lake!

Although Roo also loved this spot by the woodpile:

DL and M:

They have a designated dog couch!

DL had to join the other fuzzies. They all love to cuddle!


Rena said...

What a cool getaway! Neat eagle picture - You're really close! I'm amazed that it didn't fly off.

e. davis said...

A lovely lakeside respite with a contemplative view! BTW love the dog couch - I have one of those too:)

mdr said...

Nice porch. The lake made it even better. Glad you had a good time.