Friday, November 30, 2018

Earthquake in Anchorage!

This morning, we had just gotten back from our morning run when the ground trembled and made a very distinctive noise. Every San Francisco native knows it, and I suppose every Alaskan does, too. Earthquake! It lasted for over a minute. DL was already at work, and Roo and Cricket looked up from their rawhides, said, "Roo" and "Eep", respectively, and went back to gnawing. After it stopped, I thought back to what I learned as a San Francisco kid. Turn off the gas line! Oh we don't have a gas line! Um... what else? Lights are still on, so check in! I called DL; campus is fine. Then texted my mom and sister. "I'm fine!" I feel very earthquake-safe in an area with no large infrastructure, and in a solidly built log cabin on rocky ground that is not a liquefaction risk.

The earthquake could either have been a little one nearby, or a huge one farther away. I don't have a smartphone, so the only way for me to get the internet at home is to fire up my computer, and being lazy to do that, I flipped on the radio instead. NPR was still discussing politics in Washington, so I figured it wasn't that bad. And the lights hadn't flickered, so I figured the main power plants were still running in Anchorage (we have an intertie that enables us to buy and sell power between the two of us).

On the other hand, power plants are built to a higher standard than almost every other infrastructure component since they are considered "critical infrastructure". Our new power plant is designed to withstand an earthquake of 9.0 and still remain operational!

Well, thus far the reports are that it was 7.0, 10 miles from Anchorage, and there has been quite a bit of damage to roads and homes. Schools have been cancelled. But no deaths or serious injuries reported. I sent out a mass email to my students to remind them to please bring their coat, hat, and gloves/mittens to classes! I always do, in case there is an earthquake or fire or any other reason to evacuate. You won't have time to run back to your office for your warm coat, and woe unto those who are stuck outside at -40 with no coat!

Let me remind my 12 faithful readers to please be prepared! Follow the preparedness guidelines for whatever your natural disasters are in your area, and be prepared to evacuate if you have to!

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Photos round the house

Starbuck-A-Roo leads the charge; both she and Cricket are always happy to help with Quality Control on my veggies:

And cheese!

Mmmmm I decided to grate mozzarella over our enchiladas the other day. I thought it was a Very Good Idea, and Roo concurred:

Yes, it definitely was!

Here is the cornbread I made for our office Thanksgiving potluck. The Dean and Director make turkeys; we peons make everything else. :)


Yesterday morning, I spotted a strange critter in the yard:

A marten!

A weasel-beast!

I also ordered our holiday cards. Here are the two runner-up photos:

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Proper snow has finally arrived!

I love living here with my fuzzy things! <3

And being responsible and having two years' worth of wood always put up:

We often meet FRIENDS on the trails:


We keep company for a little while, until we part ways. Goodbye, FRIENZ!

Starbuck and Cricket are super excited and run far ahead:

The light on the ridge:

Roo-hug and Cricket-kissy selfie!

They like to be shoulder to shoulder:

Ohhh Rrrrroooooo:

Homeward bound!

Running back to the humans for an occasional pet!

Their coats are so thick now that snow doesn't melt on them:

The sun just started to peek through the clouds:

And light up the trees:

And then we come home and melt onto the couch:

Or onto daddy:

Look! They spoon! Awwwwww!

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Misc photo catch-up

Portrait of Ms. Starbuck A. Roo (DL suggested that the A. may stand for "Annette".)

Portrait of Ms. Cricket Pants:

Look! They loooooove each other:

They snuggle and gaze into each other's eeeeeeeeyes:

My coworker, being an awesome coworker, brought her puppy to work so we could all appreciate its cuteness:

Of course I had to take a selfie. His name is Hawkeye and HOW CUTE IS HEEEEEEE???

Puppeeeeee love!


Here is a photo of the ladies in floppage:

So of course I had to take macro photos of their schnozzes:

This is super dignified, right?

The "I voted" stickers this time were adorable (I especially love the walrus in the beaver hat. It's so ridiculous and surreal!):

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Cold weather, warm puppies!

Well, we are still at under half an inch of snow, but the trails are frozen enough to walk on, which is a blessing! We did our first trail walks this weekend, and Starbuck and Cricket were crazy happy!

Our creek crossing was frozen solid:

Pretty hoarfrost:

Mooseys had stripped the bark from many of the trees that had fallen this summer:

Ohhhh Rrrrrroooooo:

Cricket snuggles with her pawpaw:

While I was vacuuming today, MK called. "I just picked up two new puppies and am on my way home. Are you at home? I will stop by with them so you can meet them!" Ummmm... YESPLEASEIWOULDLIKETOMEETTHEPUPPIES."