Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Solstice photos

Starbuck, DL, and I have been talking walks and skis without Autumn and Linden. Linden will get her stitches out and be cleared to do the Booger Boogie and rejoin us tomorrow! Autumn will have two more weeks of activity restriction.

This overflow on Rosie Creek is still a problem. We need more snow to cover it!

The woods behind our house at around 11 a.m.:

At the ridgetop:

And here's the sunrise, at 11:30!

The sky is pretty:

Starbuckeroo ponders:

High noon looks like this:

A squirrel's front stoop, where he has been tossing his spruce cone leavings all winter after having consumed the nuts:

Booger looking impossibly cute:

Starbuck admiring my cheese:

Autumn's schnozz:

Icicles on the parish hall:

Icicles on the post office:

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mdr said...

Happy Holidays and good wealth to you, Dave and dogs