Friday, December 25, 2015

Photos around the house

Starbuckeroo sez, "Pawpaw, will you hold my pawpaws?"

Sweet Autumn:

Look how fuzzy Starbuck's feet are!

Autumn's incision is healing nicely, and the scab is falling off:

DB made Linden a fleece sleeve to wear outside until her fur grows back. I was concerned about how tight to make the elastic, since when it's cold (which is the only time she'll need to wear the sleeve), poor blood circulation can cause frostbite. So DB said to forgo elastic, and tie it on with a bow instead. Linden is so dang cute and gooberdy, with her sleeve and bow!

Mismatched ridiculousness looks way less cute on me:

I got a down skirt to wear over my pants, since my butt and hips get cold before the rest of me does! It works brilliantly! Starbuck sez, "I put on my fancy black outfit every day, and you're going to leave the house looking like THAT?"

Merry Christmas, everyone! Or... happy nondenominational or other religious holiday of your choice!


gina said...

Starbuck doesn't have fuzzie feet, she has feathers on her least that's what I always told my kids about dogs :) Merry Christmas to your household !

P.S. it's in the low 80s in northern Florida....

Arvay said...

I hope you had a lovely Christmas in Florida!

bt said...