Thursday, December 11, 2014

Things are different with this girl

Starbuck looks like a wolf, but is paradoxically more domesticated a creature than either Autumn or even gooberdy Linden. I wonder if it's because she belonged to a musher who gave rides to tourists. Starbuck was born and lived her whole life there; essentially the only people she ever saw were people who came out just to visit dogs! Autumn and Linden, in contrast, lived on a farm, and I'm sure the farm from time to time has visitors who were not dog people. Starbuck had never heard of such a thing. ("A not-dog person? Rroooo? I thought everybody loved me! Rroooooo!") Differences observed so far:

1) When we are out and about, she sticks close and comes immediately when she is called.

2) She is very poor at catching small animals. When Autumn and Linden were her age, we could hardly leave the house without them killing and gobbling up critters right and left, mostly voles, but the occasional squirrel or rabbit as well. Starbuck tries, but she lacks hunting skills.

3) She learns human language and intent super fast. Autumn and Linden have learned my patterns, but it took months of observation and cohabitation. Starbuck generally learns things within a week. (For example, that I put on my coat before I go out, that my backpack means we are going someplace fun, that crinkling plastic means CHEESE!)

4) She likes more human interaction than Autumn and Linden.

"Hold my paw!"

"Pet me!"

"Hold me!"

"Cuddle me!"

5) She also likes more canine interaction than Autumn and Linden.

"Can I sit between you?"

"Will you snuggle with me?"

"Will yooooooou snuggle with me, too?"

Like Autumn and Linden, she has pretty much no bad habits. She doesn't steal food, she doesn't dig through the trash, she doesn't put her paws on the countertops and steal stuff, she doesn't chew up furniture or other objects, she doesn't whine or bark all day, and she's mostly self-housebroken. Since adopting Autumn and Linden, I've heard a lot of bad things about huskies--they are supposed to be quite aggressive, and very destructive. In fact, when I first bought my cabin, two insurance companies would not offer me insurance when they heard that I had two of them. Huskies also frequently end up on lists of "most dangerous dog breeds" in terms of attacks on humans. I'm glad I didn't hear of any of this before I got them, because then I might have missed out on the companionship of the World's Most Perfect Dogs. I honestly have never seen any of these traits in my girls, nor in other huskies I have known. *shrug*


mdr said...

I believe your dogs know you love them too much so they behave themselves. Animals respond to how they are treated. They are so lucky to have you as their owner.

gina said...

I agree with the first post. You have 3 wonderful 4 legged members of your family !