Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I have a looooot to do, but all I can do right now is stare out the window at the moon rising and think of inappropriate things.

Po’ina ‘oe i ka pa’anaakala,
A ia kahi mea nō ka mahina a me na hōkū, ea.

Makemake ia ‘u ho’oulupuni nō ‘oe ‘a
‘oia i ka mahinahina, ‘ike ‘oe, ea.

Makemake au e honi ia ‘oe I ke au mahinahina...

Lyrics by Nathan Aweau


mdr said...

It is good sometimes to day dream, it is like watching a movie directed by ourselves.. :)

They are not from SOP, I think

Arvay said...

That is very poetic! :)

Lili said...

Aloha, Thank you for the inspiration! Nathan here:

e komo mai, welcome to come by!
I enjoy the scenery you show us
"Lili Bitmore"

Arvay said...

I danced with Nathan Aweau and Barry Flanagan once at a ho'ike for Halau O Kuuleinani under kumu Aunty Renee Price. It was very beautiful, and I was honored.

Nathan Aweau on da airwaves in Santa Cruz! Lovely! Mahalo nui for stopping by!