Monday, December 30, 2013

Photo dump

Even in deep, dark winter, the sun does not forget that we are his children:

Linden being ridiculously adorable:

And spoilt. Definitely spoilt.

Fuzzy profiles:


gina said...

Linden on the pillow is adorable! Was the transition from the Bay Area weather to Alaska hard? I've been in Alaska on 2 tours in early May and it was nice. I have a hard time imagining the winter. Love your pictures.

Kelly in Haines said...

I love furry profiles! New dog is all black and young, not a lot of fuzzy character in that face yet. Lots and lots of snow in northern Southeast AK, black dog was swimming in it unable to bound yesterday!

I hope you and yours have a fantastic and wonderful 2014!

Arvay said...

@gina, as temperatures dropped my first fall here, I was quite cold, and as they came back up in the spring, I found that I had acclimated some and found those same temperatures warm. However, I think the acclimation is short-term, as every fall I go through the same thing all over again!

@Kelly, hope you are enjoying new doggy!

Happy New year, all!