Monday, July 28, 2014

What. Are. These?!?

The Lower 48 has lots of strange, exotic creatures. I can't make heads or tails of them:

What. Are. These?!?

In other news, here is the second top Minor News headline this morning:
Park says no to pet goat: Denali officials concerned about disease risk to Dall sheep

Summary: A local guy was walking his pet goat, Dr. Gonzo, in compliance with the National Park Service's rule that pets must be on a 6-foot leash. Dr. Gonzo was on his leash. But the Park people are worried that Dr. Gonzo might transmit diseases to the wild Dall Sheep population. Park Superintendent Don Striker, who is possessed of strange syntax, said, "Bringing in exotic — quote, unquote — domesticated animals, even the caribou herd can be at risk... I am personally following up for Denali with a temporary closure." Dr. Gonzo's owner, Corey Furrow, "said he will likely stop visiting the park in favor of places he can hike with Dr. Gonzo. Last week he drove to Fairbanks and hiked the Angel Rocks trail."


Rena said...

Hiking with your pet goat? Oh, the questions I have!!

Also, that is a very very enthusiastic doggie in the first picture. Droooooling anticipation.

mdr said...

Was it a dead spider? or other creepy creature? Glad you killed the sucker.

Always check your bed -- pillow, sheet, blanket.. before going to bed. We found spiders of all sizes here.

Arvay said...

@Mdr, I think it was alive, because it hadn't been there an hour prior... it must have gotten there somehow. But I have no idea why we are looking at its legs!! Was it on its back, or did its legs sprout from its back, or??? UGH! Yes, I squished it and put it into a plastic bag and double knotted it!

mdr said...

Did you wash your hands well after squishing creatures? If you have no water, use Purell or any hand sanitizer that says "kills 99% germs".

Who knows what these creatures might carry?! Always be careful than sorry. People who live long are careful people.

Arvay said...


Lordy heavens! This must be the first time Mdr has ever thought I was *more* tough than I am. :)

I used THREE paper towels and my shoe!!