Friday, July 18, 2014

Happy fifteenth birthday to the World's Most Perfect Dogs!

Starbuck is, of course, the World's Third Most Perfect Dog, but these genteel ladies are reeeeeaallly tough to match!

They are the lovingest, cuddliest, most fuzzyful, smartest, sweetest, most devoted companions anyone could ask for! They helped me learn to ski, hauled around my equipment (and me) when I was doing snow research, cuddled with me whenever I needed it, refrained from eating the bunnies, selected a life companion for me, approved and trained their own successor, and guided me down fourteen thousand miles (and counting!) of runs, walks, skis, and hikes!

Here's to as many more years (and miles) together as we can share!

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mdr said...

Best wishes and a lot of love from mdr