Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dashing through the snow...

It was warm today, and the snow was slick and I didn't put on kick wax, so I did what I call "sack of potatoes" skijoring, wherein I stand there like a sack of potatoes and let the girls do all of the work. In conditions that slick, I really cannot contribute at all.


I managed to get a video capture for y'all:

And then, we cuddle:

Cuddle and wuddle:

Cuddle wuddle wuddle:

Cuddle pile!

It looks like we are out of our cold snap, which made November the sixth coldest on record.


Rena said...

So kick wax gives your skis some stick? We always wax our snowboards so that they -won't- stick!

Rena said...

Ah, I just got a lecture from know-it-all Dave about cross-country skis. I seem to recall asking you the same thing last year or the year before.

You know what's amazing to me, after watching this video, is how healthy Autumn and Linden are. They're what, 12? 11? And they're still running full-speed like that, towing a person? Whooo! We should all be that lucky in our retirement years!

mdr said...

You call them "ladies" now?

Arvay said...

They are 12, and yes, they are very genteel gracious ladies. :)

Unknown said...

I love doggie cuddles... especially in the morning wake up.