Thursday, December 1, 2011


Now here is a weather forecast I like to see:

Snow every day, and temperatures hovering around 0F! This is my and my dogs' happy zone. :) Of course, weather predictions around here tend to be quite unreliable, but at least we can be happy in our delusions when they look good. :)

This is also the first time I can recall coming out of an extreme cold snap gently, instead of busting into a Chinook directly afterwards. There are no temperatures above freezing, and no-one is threatening any. Yay!


Rena said...

Brrrr! But I'm glad that -40 cold snap is over.
We're actually having a prolonged and beautiful fall here in the bay area. The trees are brilliantly colored and we're getting cool days and chilly nights. Except for this recent windstorm it's been quite lovely.

mdr said...

Just stay healthy and safe. Get enough sleep and drink liquid when the weather is cold and dry. Drink the herbal flower tea.