Monday, December 12, 2011

Notes to Self

For future reference:

If in the span of thirty hours, you run six miles, skijor five, and shovel the driveway, expect to be sore.

If you wear too much clothes for an unexpected warm snap, expect to be warm.

If you then peel off your clothes and stand around your house with no fire going, expect to get a chill.

So, if you find yourself with bodily aches, sweaty, and chilly, it might not necessarily be that you are getting a flu. Do not panic.


flying fish said...

Not laughing at you...laughing at me! I do that "why am I sore" thing too often. Shoveling and doing aerial acrobatics just before crashing down on the ice are my two 'favorites'.

Dee said...

Very funny... nice blog. I'll have to visit again. Have a great day.