Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Notes from here and there

Naya luuuuurves Starbuckeroo:

Leaders nap in matching positions:

Autumn and DL:

Booger in a sunbeam:

Autumn decides the couch is too warm now:

Roo cleans her fangs:

My first use of California golden raisins from BT; with candied walnuts and fresh cheese over a spinach salad:

Apparently, the vole that we found thrashing around in the kitchen trash can and banished outside last winter had planned to spend the winter in my summer work boots; I found his stash of squash seeds over the weekend.

Sorry, little dude; that looks like a tasty and hard-won stash. I hope you found something else to eat for the rest of winter!


mdr said...

Good and good looking salad. Do you still eat radish like the old Bunn time? I recently read from two reliable sources that people think Japanese eat wasabi (the very spicy green paste) to kill potential bacteria when eating sashimi, wrong! It is the dicon radish that comes with sashimi for the purpose of killing bacteria in raw fish. Only real Japanese restaurants layer shredded dicon radish under the raw fish. Places like Whole Foods doesn't because they don't know.

How fun to prove I am not a robot. It asked me for cakes :)

bt said...

That is a good looking salad!