Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Spring Creatures

So not only do we have a behbeh reindeer, we have trumpeter swans, Canada geese, and at least one white-fronted goose, hangin' out with a year-rounder (the raven; ravens used to migrate, but they found it tiring and one day said, "Nevermore!" That was a joke. I sincerely hope some random googler quotes it as fact.):

Photo credit: Eric Engman, News Miner

Chez moi, my reports are this:

1) The trails are juuuuust barely still frozen, so the girls and I can do off-leash runs in the morning.

2) We're juuuuust dropping below freezing at night, and the daytimes are about 40F/5C.

3) The dogs are starting to shed and drop their toehawks.

4) The birch saplings in front of my cabin have buds on them; however, it's probably still another several weeks before we'll have this.


mdr said...

Does DL run in the morning too?

Arvay said...

@mdr, nope. DL is not a runner.