Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year, couch snuggle photos, old lady life, and climate change blows

How's this for a smorgasbord post?

1) Happy New Year! Here is a photo of our New Year midnight toast:

2) Couch snuggle photos!

If you scritch Booger just right...

She closes her eyes and smiles!

How sweet is little old Autumn?

She's officially an old lady now. Today I bought her these:

My little sweetie!

Here are the gooberdy dogs snuggling together:

3) The temperature in December and January! What is this madness?

Wearing summer hiking pants with snow boots!


Rena said...

That is really too warm. Ugh. Happy New Year, sweet doggies, I'm glad you are stretching out on the warm couch amidst your loving humans. It's a good life!

Arvay said...

Rena, have you read the latest Nat Geo? It's a special issue on how climate change is affecting the arctic most of all, and how life as we know it will never be the same. :(

Rena said...

My mother subscribes, so I see the issues a month or two late. Yes, I've heard that about the arctic. Glad to see that Murdoch's influence hasn't affected the cover stories yet...