Wednesday, January 6, 2016

"The other Northern Lights"

Yesterday morning, the sunrise seemed particularly spectacular. Due to having early conference calls, I got up early, took the elderly ladies for their walk, joined the calls, and then took Starbuckeroo for our long run. From the top of our ridgeline, we watched the entire sky blaze in a thousand shades of pink and orange. When I checked Facebook later, my feed was full of photos of it. Today there is an article inspired by it.

What a special morning it apparently was! I'm glad I was not in the office for it!

This morning, I saw a meteor streak across the sky while on my short walk with the three ladies... Having dogs who like to take lots of walks sure confers a lot of beauty in one's life, from the sunrises and sunsets to the aurora!

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e. davis said...

Just read the article & viewed the photo - truly a feast for the eyes:) Not quite as colorful here- just gray & raining, not something you want at this time of year! Good for the drought situation here(except in recent burn areas).