Monday, February 1, 2016

Autumn can bounce!

Who knew that a little old lady dog could have a four-pound tumor removed from her liver, have a heart valve fail, and then just... come back... with everything under control using drugs!

A week ago, Autumn was given the go-ahead to go for some short, off-leash walks. Last weekend, we let her go a bit farther, to the top of the ridgeline behind our house and back, for a total of about three miles. She wanted to go farther, but we turned back.

Heading out! Starbuck and Linden are much more confident with their matriarch along. They run farther ahead and fall farther behind and run back and forth and explore.

The sun is rising higher now. It turns bright yellow/white again, even before noon!

Starbuckeroo does her face-smearing-in-the-snow thing:

Autumn sez, "I'm the queen of my domain, and I can walk to the top of our ridge if I want to."

It takes a lot of pills, and although we've been reducing the dosages, we're still popping pills three times a day--after breakfast, after dinner, and before bedtime--to control the heart, the fluid retention, and the blood pressure. If engineering doesn't work out for me, I'm probably qualified to work for a nursing home!

After supper, they each get a glucosamine and a biscuit. Autumn gets her additional pills, some wrapped in cheese. Starbuck is on antibiotics for just a week, since she tried to be overly friendly with an aggressive dog, who bit her, and it got infected!

But she comes to work with me so she doesn't have to wear her cone so much:

"Mmmm, carrots! I love carrots! Got any more carrots?"

In other news, Booger iz cute:

And Starbuckeroo is roo-ful:

Ooooohhhh, Rooooooo!

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Debs said...

I never get tired of stories or photos of your dogs. Really pleased to hear that Autumn is doing so well.