Thursday, February 25, 2016

Miscellaneous photos

Allow me to present Miss Booger, on the couch, in a sunbeam, happily chewing a rawhide. That's about as good as it gets!

Smiling as she cleans her fangs!

The ladies seem to take couch appreciation to a whole new level:

Starbuckeroo loves it so much that even though she now has figured out the stairs and will sleep upstairs with us sometimes, she still prefers the couch:

This is the hugest carrot I've seen in a long time:

Straight from the Mat Su Valley! And still far shy of the all-time Palmer State Fair record, set in 1998: an 18.985-pound bruiser grown by one John Evans of Palmer (of course!)

There are some real bruisers on that list! A 42.75-pound beet! A 64.8-pound cantaloupe! A 63.3-pound celery!! (eek!) A 71.75-pound chard and an 84-pound collard! A 105.9-pound kale! And of course a 138.25-pound cabbage! Some of them are actually scary! What in the hell even is a 96.95-pound kohlrabi? Is that even a vegetable any more, or just a giant green bulb? And the 82.9-pound rutabaga! However, I'd happily tuck into a 4.5-pound tomato or a 168.6-pound watermelon! Pass it right here, please!

Here is the ice arch:

The civil engineering students build one every year, and I think this year's is particularly lovely.


rena said...

How much do I weight? Oh, about a cabbage.


Arvay said...

I've seen giant cabbages, but never a kale or chard that big!!

mdr said...

Yes, nice sculptures..