Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Climate change sucks

We have not had snow fall since November. Nevertheless, we have to share what little snow we have with Anchorage so they can start the Iditarod.

Think about that, you guys. No snow since November! We have managed to ski regularly, but the very old, hard-packed snow is not that much fun. It's a great upper body workout though, pushing my way up the hills on the slick glass!

I also counted, and we have had a total of three days where temperatures dipped as low as -20F/-29C. The rest of the time, we have hovered around 10F/-12C, which is phenomenally warm for December, January, and February! Now we are coming above freezing every afternoon, and everyone is saying that winter is over!

Winter is over on the 1st of March, which is my favorite month of winter.

Autumn has begun shedding her undercoat.


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gina said...

I live in north Florida on the Georgia line and we've had a really warm winter. Very few freezing days. Seems to be all over. I love your dogs, just want to squeeze them gently and scratch them behind the ears !