Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Springtime shennanigans

Autumn has begun shedding... a few months early! I guess it's been so warm. It's her Adaptive Capacity for Climate Change.

Starbuckeroo napping in the sun on her beloved couch:

We take walks with our sled now, although we have yet to deploy it as Autumn has not had any episodes of lameness in months! Sometimes on narrow trails, the ladies get trapped behind me.

Walkin', walkin', walkin'!

And walkin' some more!

Both Autumn and Linden walk a little stiff-legged nowadays, but they still enjoy getting out and having fun! We're walking 5 miles a day now. And no more running with them. My morning "run" is now half a walk (with them) and then a quick sprint around the block with just Starbuck.

Walkin' up the ridge!

My favorite old snag looks even cooler with DL and Autumn to give it perspective!

Aaaaand we come home to the couch.

We finally have an Asian grocery store now that is more Chinese instead of Korean. They even have fresh veggies! I found long beans, several other types of bok choy other than the two most common kinds that we usually get at Freddies, and--what a find!--water spinach, affectionately known by my sister and me as "tube veggies" since the long stems are hollow.

I've already cooked the long beans with tofu gan. As another dish, I stir-fried chicken with napa cabbage and carrots. Asian cooking is so laborious! Look at all of these little piles of things!

Mmmm tasty!


Allmycke said...

Loki has just stopped shedding from 'last year' so I guess it's time for a new crop pretty soon.
There's an Oriental shop opening - just 90km from here and I can't wait! Good rice in bulk, hopefully some vegetables like bok choy and galanga... Jars of wonderful seasonings and the smell of stores like that in Vancouver, BC!

b said...

exciting! S loves tube veg too!