Friday, March 4, 2016

Top o' the Alaskan News

1) Local woman does "happy dance" when she spies two octopus tentacles washed up on the beach. "'I walk at low tide because that’s when you find the good stuff,' she said." She then proceeded to upload the photos to, where "Contributors are encouraged to report sightings of jellyfish, sea mammals and squid, among other finds" and which I am delighted to discover exists.

2) Google streetview now has photos from the 2015 Iditarod. "Last year, former University of Alaska Fairbanks professor John Bailey rode on the back of a dog sled with one mission: to capture the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race for Google Street View... Bailey was the last team to travel the trail after 78 other mushers, with portions of the trail reduced to pavement or mud. The result is a sloppy luge ride for the Google camera, which ends up being pitched off the sled on several occasions."

3) "An aggressive sea lion stole his halibut. Then the startled fisherman impaled his foot."


b said...

cool! and proof that chinese people live whereever the sun shines:

(check out the chinese restaruant in the background! hahaha)

Arvay said...

LOL, b, you have to read the reviews of that place:

"Are you ever in the mood for "bad chinese food"? You know, bad for you, brown and greasy, and AWESOME after a day of flying with no meals?"