Thursday, March 31, 2016

Round 2 of Chinese veggie nostalgia

Since I discovered the new Chinese market in Fairbanks, I've been indulging in some food nostalgia.

This haul included jiu cai, nian gao bits, gai lan (Chinese broccoli), and lap chong. The latter two of these things are not, strictly speaking, the Food of my People. When I was a young 'un and asked my mother why we had these things in restaurants but not at home, she informed me that they were Cantonese food, while Our People hail from Northern China. In fact, the first time my mother steamed gai lan and poured oyster sauce on top--just like in the Cantonese restaurants--she expressed surprised delight. "We should do this more often!" she said. "It's healthier than always frying our veggies!"

So that is what I did last weekend. However, I reserved some of it to chop up and stir-fry with the nian gao and lap chong. The jiu cai, I diced up and fried with eggs, like my mother does sometimes. (Reaction from the very haole DL: "We should hide more vegetables in eggs." Said I: "You've never had a problem eating vegetables! Since when do you like to 'hide' them?" Said he: "No, I eat my vegetables. But still...")

I rounded out all the veggies with roast chicken thighs, and that was our Easter dinner! Actual Chinese food on actual Easter, and half-price ham a week later on Chinese Easter! I think this might be a new tradition for us!

Topic change: When you pet Booger's head, she smiles!

And... I've put away my skiing and winter stuff for the year. :(


mdr said...

Rice cake can be stir-fried with cabbage and meat too. Stir fries the meat, then take it out. Quickly stir fries the cabbage for just minutes, add in rick cake, little bit soy sauce and chicken broth.

So very glad to see you have some Asian food choices. Take good care..

rena said...

Yum. I'm a big fan of lap chong in sticky rice, along with bits of mushroom, salted egg, etc etc.
D's right about hiding veggies in eggs. That's my fav way to eat bitter melon right now.