Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Hawai'i Photos, round one of three

DL and I made a quick trip to Hawai'i over spring break. I was a bit nervous about kenneling the ladies, but they did fine. Our vet said the biggest risk was that if Autumn got kennel cough, with her heart trouble, it could be terrible. So all three ladies got updated kennel cough vaccines, and he told me that our kennel owner had his cell number, and said to tell her to call him at the first sign of trouble. What a caring vet!

Chinaman's Hat:

DL, Very Alaskan, still wearing his boots and long pants on the beach:

Leis at Aunty D's house:

Fresh lychees from a farm stand:

Kahuku wind farm:

My photos aren't terribly exciting, are they? I'll have more interesting photos from this trip up soon. :)

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