Saturday, March 26, 2016

Spring. Sigh

Rosie Creek is once again becoming a problem for our trail access! Harumph!

The ladies enjoying our walk:

Oh... SURPRISE! DL and I got hitched while in Hawai'i! I had wanted to wait until we had the professional photos to share, but I thought this was a cool one:

DL liked this designer, and I chose the color scheme because it reminded me of him, and of the spruce trees. I've always said he looked like a spruce tree! Plus, the koa wood will remind us of our Hawaiian wedding. :)

My favorite fuzzy creatures at my favorite landmark:

Walking, walking, walking:

A red squirrel midden! They eat from stored spruce cones all winter, chucking the inedible parts right outside:

Autumn and Linden are horrible and pee on top of them! I always imagine how I'd feel if, say, a mammoth peed on top of our cabin! That's what the scale is like! Only it's worse since the dogs eat squirrels... so it'd be like a carnivorous mammoth!

The sky turns pure blue again, now that winter is over and the sun can fully rise:

Ooohhhhh Rrrrrooooo! She loooooooves snow and plows around in it!

Plowed right out of the camera frame!

Such diversity of paw tracks, from little bitty fox paws to giant malamute paws! There are more paw prints than human prints!

Aaaaaand we return to the couch:

The snow is sliding off our roof, and the birches are budding! Another year has rolled around!


e. davis said...

Congrats on your wedding! Wishing you and DL many happy years together:) I love your ring - very organic and suits you perfectly:) Glad to see all three girls out, about and looking healthy. Happy spring to all:)

Rena said...

Here's to spring and new wonderful things! Very happy for both of you.

Allmycke said...

Congratulations to you both! Your ring is Beautiful in so many ways...
Loki must be related to your dog - no walk in wintertime is perfect until he's rolled in/on top of the snow at least once.

gina said...

Congratulations to you and DL (and the girls ) on yur wedding !!

obifolder said...

Woot! Woot! Congrats.

mdr said...

Just returned from HI. Congrats. Beautiful and unique ring just like yourself. Wish you well and happy forever.

Love the pictures from the island too. Hope to see Auntie D. picture too

Arvay said...

Thank you all for your wonderful good wishes! I will post photos when we get 'em!