Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Drug management, pi, and Roo!

Linden messed with her stitches from her last tumor removal. She'd never done that before, so we weren't so vigilant with the cone. She removed several of them, and the wound got infected. Now she's on antibiotics, and it's healing up nicely. The one extra pill added to our twice-daily routine has sent me over the edge, so I developed this temporary organization system:

Elderly care requires a lot of organization!

A friend's adult daughter is visiting this week from Idaho. She is homesick for many native Alaskan foods, so her parents dug through the freezer and cooked up moose and salmon; I made a blueberry and a lingonberry pie:

I caught Roo yawning in a photo:

Roo sez, "I will be the new Head Spokesdog for this blog!"

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b said...

Is that whole wheat crust? :)