Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Miscellaneous photo dump

Starbuck, the Amazing Boneless Husky, comes with foldable appendages for easy storage:

Pretty pink flowers on campus:

After visiting The Denali Center and Pioneer Home last weekend, Starbuckeroo and I went to check out a newly developed park, on the site of what had formerly been a rather rough area, used for drug deals and such. Now it's a cleaned-up city park. I guess this is now its third season, but its my first time checking it out. It has some pleasant little ponds and lakes:

The wild irises were out, and very beautiful!

Starbuckeroo checking out this nice civilized trail:

DL and I have to start envisioning recreational activities with just her and us, and the elderly ladies remaining at home. :( It pains me to think about it, but it's not fair to deny Starbuck all of the fun long hikes that they and I have taken, just because they aren't up for them any more. And I will never, ever, ever deny them their morning walks around the 'hood! We need to get up rather early for those nowadays; the vet warned us that with Autumn's heart condition, she cannot tolerate heat. We still walk a good stretch--2 miles on weekdays and 4 on weekends. Not bad for 17-year-olds!

"Ahhh... this is the life!"


"Oh oh! I am getting squozen!"

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gina said...

Love your photos and commentary !