Wednesday, July 27, 2016

'Tis blueberry season again!

It's so nice the way the weather almost always turns particularly lovely around blueberry season... a heat wave will cool; smoke will clear; a rainy, wet spell will dry up; dark clouds will whisk away. Autumn is not up for long hikes any more, and Linden also gets tired easily, so we limit her to two long walks per week. Starbuck is a good berry picking buddy because she is very alert and attentive and would alert to a bear.

It was so clear, we could see Denali on the drive up to the top of Murphy Dome!

The little installation on top now has a wind turbine and a solar panel!

Denali from the trail:

Starbuckeroo sez, "Why are you stopping again!"

Wow so many berries in our favorite patch!

Berries with a view!

Starbuck sez, "Roo?"

She keeps a watchful eye:

She looks so sooooffffttt lying in the tundra that I need to go squeeze her:


*GASP* A WOLF in the berry patch!

Now this is a nice sammich!

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mdr said...

Blueberry peanut butter(?) sandwich is nutritious. Try to top with some cut-up celery that adds crunches. Blueberry cheese good too?