Monday, March 6, 2017

Allow me to introduce...


(Photo by Erin Trochim, who has also introduced us to Jodi of Dew Claw Kennel. Erin has three of her retirees, including Cricket's brother, Roach.)

Starbuck, DL, and I met her yesterday, and will bring her home in two weeks! She is smaller and less fuzzy than I had in mind, but she's done the Iditarod twice, so I'm sure she's as tough as any traditional husky! (She's part pointer.) She and Starbuck had a nice walk together, and they both love to cuddle!

I did some googling around (a side benefit of getting a dog from a famous musher is that she comes with a googlable history!), and found that she has met our friend RS! Alaska is such a small state that not only might your human friends know each other, so might your dog friends!

We met Cricket, along with Carrot and Petey, the three candidates that Jodi had in mind for us. They were so similar in personality that it was difficult to choose. And with three of them jumping up and down for attention, along with Starbuck jumping up and down alongside them, we just chose Cricket since she seemed the most snuggly and had been sleeping indoors at night with their handler. So they put Carrot and Petey back, and we took Cricket for a short walk with Starbuck. They got along fine, but her leash manners are definitely classic husky... my arms will get very strong again until we can trust her off-leash! :)


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e. davis said...

Happy to meet Starbuck's new matey- she looks like a real schweetie :)

obifolder said...

Cricket could not have a better home! I know Dan and Jodi love all their pups and make sure they stay with the kennel unless a great home is found; you met their standards. And I think Cricket will enjoy the hikes and skiing, and most of all, the couch (and snuggles).