Saturday, March 18, 2017

Welcome, Cricket!

This is Cricket:

When I brought her home, Starbuck came to the door, went outside to pee, then came back in. Then they both assumed the position:

Within a few hours, they settled down into positions of bonelessness, taking the shape of their containers:

Her pointer genes give her shorter hair, a thinner build, and flippetty-flappitty ears. But she has a classic husky smile:

And she does a perfectly circular huskyball, just like Autumn and Linden:

She looooooves to cuddle, draping herself over you and doing the Boneless Husky thing:

When DL got home, she proceeded to cuddle with him!

"Are you my pawpaw?"

"You're my pawpaw!"

I have never seen two dogs so in love with a couch!

They get along great, even eating side by side:

DL said we should refrain from squeezing her until she has settled in. She seems to be settled in:

I need to reread my Folding Dog manual. I almost got her ready for stowage, but one leg is still sticking out:


mdr said...

Welcome Cricket. You are cute. Be a good dog for your humans, thank you

e. davis said...

Cricket appears to be quite a snuggle-bug & settling in nicely. Love those ears & nose! She has an impish look about her & will likely be a lot of fun. Looking forward to posts/photos of your adventures on the trail:)

Vanessa said...

Congrats on the new fuzz ball. Wishing you many happy snuggles. =)