Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Likely last trail walk of the year

Trail conditions: Every day, the snow turns to slush, and every night, it refreezes. It's icy now, so we can no longer ski. But we can walk. However, it may be the end of our walking for the season as the creek behind our house is freezing less and less every night, and thawing more and more every day, and soon it will be impassible.

The trails are still pretty nice:

Although the snow is rotting:

Cricket loves to run!

Look at all the overflow on the creek!

And on either side of the packed trails, you can posthole up to your knees!

Except for the dogs... their paws are like snowhoes, and they run around all over the place like it ain't no thing!

Have I mentioned Cricket loves to run??

1 comment:

mdr said...

That new dog Cricket can be named Fawn or Deer, she looks like one.