Friday, April 14, 2017

Public Service Announcement

When you microchip your pet, you need to register it or else it's worthless. If your chip is a 9-digit number, it's with AVID; if your chip is a 10-digit combo of letters and numbers, it's with HomeAgain. If you already paid to have your Friend microchipped, surely you should find it worth your while to pay ($20) to make the microchip useful.

You can and should also call your local animal shelter and let them know your pets' names, descriptions, and microchip numbers, and they'll keep a record in case they ever get lost. 459-1451 is ours (Fairbanks). They even said I could send a photo.

I was shocked to find that I had never registered Starbuckeroo's, and Cricket's had never been registered either! Apparently it's very easy to overlook!

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