Sunday, September 13, 2009

People are Funny

The woman in front of me in line at the supermarket today used reusable bags, didn't put any of her produce into the little plastic bags, and bought all organic. She also had approximately 30 items in the "12 items or less" lane and gave me an unprovoked cold look when I stepped into the line behind her. As I began to load my stuff into the conveyor belt, I found that I couldn't reach the next rubber divider. She watched me reach and did nothing. The lady in front of her passed it to me.

It's interesting how people can care about being "green" and preserving the earth and such and yet be complete jerks to their fellow humans. It makes me wonder... for whom are they trying to preserve the earth?

In other news, Fairbanks has instituted a bag tax of 5 cents per bag on people who don't bring their own bags to the store. The money will go to fund future recycling programs. I sure hope they come quickly, because I feel bad throwing away things that could have been recycled had we the infrastructure.

And in other other news, the UAF cooperative extension is reporting success in growing apples in Fairbanks! Yay! I love apples!

Oh, and here is a moose on campus:

Tonight I'm going to The Ester LiBerry Music Festival. Pie! Pie! Pie!


blip said...

Maybe the woman was just distracted and spacing out. Don't you ever have days like that?

mdr said...

People who are mean to you usually are mean to others too. I learned this from many experience.

Arvay said...


Fair enough. Also, I may have misinterpreted her evil look. Some people's neutral expressions look happy, sad, or angry, when in fact they are feeling neutral.

mdr said...

"Some people's neutral expressions look happy, sad, or angry, when in fact they are feeling neutral."

born happy look -- J.F.
born angry look -- Lemma E.