Sunday, January 2, 2011

Well, Excuuuuuuse me?

I do believe I have put in a request for no more Chinooks! But I woke up this morning to find my trees denuded of their beautiful snow flocking, and a dead tree having fallen over in my yard.

Things like this are easy to deal with in rural areas. Is it a large tree? Yay! Free firewood! Cut it up and stack it! Is it a small tree? Well, is it in your way? No? Then leave it. Yes? Cut it up and throw the pieces somewhere where they won't bother you. Problem solved in ten minutes.

We now have record warmth after the longest cold streak in over 30 years, after 2010 being the 15th warmest year in Fairbanks history.

Once again, I say, ho hum.

Happy New Year, everyone! I rang it in by watching the fireworks and then hanging out at the Pump House. They had bagpipes and Scottish dancing. How random is that?

Today I am notworking. Slept in, ate my bowl of oatmeal while looking out the window at a moose, went skiing, cut up that tree and threw the pieces down the hill, refilled the firewood thingy on the porch for the week, met a friend in town for tea, and now I'm sitting here blogging. After this, I'm going to shower, go grocery shopping, and get water. That's not a bad day. :)


rena said...

I thought chinooks were salmon. But they're weird weather phenomena that you've described before and I've since forgotten right?

Be careful with those dead / half-fallen trees. They don't call 'em widow-makers for nothing.

Arvay said...

Hi Rena! Chinooks are salmon but also warm winds.

Those leaning trees aren't dead, but I did mark them to be cut down this summer, along with a few other dangerous-looking ones. That very night, however, we had a rare windstorm, and several trees that I had NOT marked came down, and all of the ones that I HAD marked remained standing!

Goes to show how good a judge I am... Anyway, after that, I decided not to have them cut after all, since they are obviously well-rooted and sturdy. And none are leaning toward the house!