Wednesday, November 9, 2011


1) Last night there was a luahoano, a rainbow around the moon. My camera does not love such things, but I still got a few cool photos of the waxing gibbous moon from my yard:

2) There is a crazy "perfect storm" lashing against the Bering sea right now. NOAA is calling it "ONE OF THE MOST SEVERE BERING SEA STORMS ON RECORD" (caps theirs). Here is a report about the effects in Nome. Please keep a thought in your hearts for our friends in Nome, Kotzebue, and other communities in that area.

3) I haven't taken photos of the girls napping in a while, so here you go:

4) We cuddle:

5) Last night, the moon was so bright (bright enough to read a book in the front yard if I had so chosen) that I figured an evening run was in order. However, after I had bundled all up and put on all of our reflective stuff, I stepped outside and realized that under the trees, it was still dark enough to require a headlamp. Bummer! Hopefully, by the next full moon, the Tanana will have frozen up, and we can do a moonlit run or ski there, where it is open enough to utilize the moonlight!


Rena said...

Huh - I never knew there was a term for that ring around the moon. Saw it here too while putting out the trash cans late at night. Brrr!
So what animals do you see during your night runs? I imagine the moose are diurnal, maybe that just leaves the smaller creatures like skunks and rabbits?

mdr said...

You have learned many tips living in that area. Please don't get too confident (comfortable), especially during the winter time, please be safe and careful about whatever you are doing.

Arvay said...

Rena, the combination of sun + rain in Hawaii makes for as many Hawaiian words for 'rainbow' as there are Eskimo words for 'snow'. :)

Arvay said...

Oh, and we rarely see other animals except for moose and ravens. I see lots of evidence of other animals--rabbits, voles, etc, but they are shy and stay away! We don't have skunks here. :)

Anonymous said...

Millie fans want to know why there is no picture of Her Majesty. :)