Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pretty decent aurora last night

After we sent our two--count 'em, two--groups of trick or treaters on their way, we were treated to an awesome aurora. Peeing out of doors gives you so many more opportunities to enjoy the night sky! Bonus aurora for those with tiny bladders, such as myself!

Saw some friends over the weekend who had just gotten back from a trip to Colorado. They had brought back another cheese stash for me! Yay! And this is how you know that your friends know you pretty well--when two friends who don't know each other each give you a cheese-and-chocolate stash for your birthday!

Also, also! I must report that this morning I woke up to -14F/-25C. Ayee!

Edited to add: OMG a behbehelephant!

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Debs said...

I love that last aurora photo. Seeing that is definitely on my to-do list!

I had a colleague obsessed by cheese, and when it was her birthday I organised a cheese basket in the office rather than the usual cakes/sweets - she was as happy as I imagine you were, and talked about it for weeks lol