Monday, October 31, 2011


So here we have some shots from around the 'hood.

Hoar frost:

I mentioned "depth hoar" during my talk at a conference, and afterwards, one of the attendees approached me and busted out,
"Did you say WHORE???"

The sky is looking like winter:

The road at the top of the ridge:

There were rose hips, already dehydrated and still on the plants:

How convenient! I filled my pockets.

The "Experimental Forest" of pines, white spruce, and other out-of-place trees:

This is my neighbors' lead dog, Zeus:

Zeus, an un-deballed boy, was very taken with my girls, but he was very gentle and gentlemanly about it. He sat next to them and gave them gentle sniffs and licks and kisses. Then he put his paw around one or the other... My girls didn't protest, even as he air-humped them, but they were certainly not amused, and when they accompanied me upstairs when I went up to look for a book, they refused to come back down until I had to pee and demanded my regular escorts. In the meantime, Zeus, ever the gentleman, waited downstairs and attempted to woo the ladies.

"Helloooooo, ladies!"

Until he sighed and gave up:

The girls teased him from the top of the stairwell:



mdr said...

Go slowly and be more careful when going upstairs and downstairs with many dogs around.

Rena said...

Ah! I've only read about hoar frost - most likely in some Viking book or other. Fascinating. And completely different than a whore, I think.

What a nice mannered doggie guest - I'm impressed that he wasn't more aggressive with Autumn and Linden, and even stopped at the bottom of the stairs. He must have been taught by a very good-mannered human.

So didja get any tricker treaters? Somehow I think if I lived up there I'd be giving my trick or treaters extra special treats for walking in the cold. Tonight it is in the low 60s and just perfect for all the princesses and fairies in their flimsy outfits.

Rena said...

And Mudder is right - tripping over animals is very scary, although I usually associate it with cats, not dogs. Cats assume that if they lie down in front of you, you will stop and pet them....even if you are handling a pot full of boiling hot water for oatmeal. Just ask Dave how he missed his first day of kindergarten and ended up with 2nd degree burns on his arm!

mdr said...

You are her REAL friend who not only just reads her log but also gives her good advice

Debs said...

Maybe Zeus is like my dog - scared of going upstairs, even when there's something nice up there. When I'm upstairs, mine will lie on the floor with her head resting on the bottom step until I come back down.

(But is not a trip risk - she'll get up as soon as I start coming down, and there's not much risk of not noticing a dog standing 24" to the shoulder LOL)

Anonymous said...

What do you do with the rose hips? I have a front yard full of them.

Arvay said...

I put them in my tea. Or I drink them as a tea by themselves, sometimes with lemon and/or honey. It's a good source of vitamin C. :)