Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hutlinana Creek Photos

Over the weekend, we attempted to hike to Hutlinana Hot Springs. However, we lost the trail, bushwhacked along the creek, ran out of daylight, etc, etc. We ended up camping where we were, which was only halfway up the creek to the hot spring, and returning the next day. It was rough, slow going, but still quite lovely. On the way back, we intersected the official trail, and it looked to be in good shape, but we were so close to the trail head that we just finished our bushwhack back. The official trail is supposed to be only 6 miles long, but bushwhacking along the twisty-turny creek didn't get us very far! Oh well.

The view of Hutlinana Creek from the highway bridge:

Ice was just starting to form, and it was thick enough to traverse in some few places. Seeing as how the hot spring feeds into this creek, I'm sure it freezes late!

A very impressive beaver dam. This is a bad shot though. :(

Because we weren't on the official trail, we crossed the creek several times to stay on the easier side for bushwhacking. V had had the foresight to wear rubber boots, and carried the girls and me back and forth. What a gentleman. :) The girls were horrified and only allowed that to happen once. Then they said, "Funk that noise!" and waded/swam back and forth themselves. They detest being carried.

Another view of the creek:

Our camp site:

The beavers along that creek are crazy ambitious:

We passed fully cut down trees that were twice that diameter, too!

We were surprised at how big the trees got around here. I guess the hot spring system beats back the permafrost?

Hutlinana Creek is very picturesque. I'm almost glad we bushwhacked along it rather than taking the official trail, which was about a quarter of a mile away.

Aaaand... we're back at the highway!


Allmycke said...

I really like your pictures, but they make me want to get back to Inuik. It's been almost 20 years but that place still means so much to me.

Allmycke said...


flying fish said...

Laughing at the imagined pursed lip annoyed faces the girls wore when being carried! You have a great attitude regarding bushwhacking and no hot springs.