Friday, October 14, 2011

First snow that stuck!

A few flakes sprinkled down yesterday afternoon, but I knew better than to get excited, knowing that it was unlikely to stick. However, when I got home, my yard looked like this:

Cool, eh?

So last night I went through the gamut of Winter Things:
* Put on my winter tires.
* Got the extension cord and ran it under the cabin so I can start plugging in my car when necessary.
* Switched to the heavier running pants that are also looser and fit two additional pairs of pants underneath.
* Dug out eleventy more pairs of wool socks.
* Lifted the water line off the floor and set it on the kitchen counter so it won't freeze.
* Waxed my skis. :)
* Put out my isothermal snow collection device.


In other reportage, yesterday at lunch, I was a little taken aback to realize that my waiting tupperware was full of... stir-fried bear:

Now, why would I eat bear for dinner without batting an eye, and be taken aback by eating bear at work? Could it be a cabin vs. modern office thing? Anyway, I got over it in maybe two seconds. That bear had been eating from a blueberry patch for weeks. It was good!

Black bear hairs look like... something you really prefer not to have in your food, so if you didn't know better, you'd be forgiven for being alarmed and for perhaps questioning the sanitation and clothing (or lack thereof) preferences of the chef.

Sunset nowadays is a little before 7, so at 7, the sky looks like this:

Aaaand... that's all I got, for today. :)


Vanessa said...

What does bear taste like???
That's a beautiful sunset!

b said...

Where did you get the bear? Freddie's?

Arvay said...

@Vanessa: Bear tastes like any other red meat, I suppose. Except that I don't normally eat animals that are shaped like that, so its cuts look unfamiliar. The lines of the muscle and the pockets of fat and gristle are all in unexpected places.

@b: Nnnnooo. It is very illegal to sell wild game meat as hunting is for "personal use". My sweetie and his dad got the bear. It's the same bear whose fat has been making my tortillas for the past month.

mdr said...

You really learned a lot about frontier life. Just stay careful with frontier life style.

b said...

Poor bear. I know, poor cow and pig and chicken, too.

mdr said...

Ignor her, she eats chickens, cows and pigs too. Althogh we all should start cutting down after 40+, not for humanity but for own's health.