Monday, October 17, 2011



Just this past weekend was the first the girls and I were able to walk almost the entire trail system, since it's pretty well frozen. There had hardly been snow yet then, though.

Friday evening:

Here is the trail behind our house, that leads to the public trail system:

My second summer at this cabin, I improved the trail by removing all of the tree stumps and low overhanging branches that had been driving me nuts the prior winter. It's much better now!

Even the worst spots are frozen solid now:

Saturday we took another long walk. It occurred to me that I had never even been on some of these trails when it wasn't snowy.

The above photo was taken in the same location as these.

Any icy spot that had been broken and needed to freeze again:

This tree is a landmark at the intersection of two trails:

The aspen forest still looks like fall:

Some of the trails are spongy peat. Who knew?

The flooded section of Rosie Creek, upstream from a beaver dam. Linden was of the opinion that it was passable. Autumn and I disagreed and turned around.

Yikes! Please don't go away, snow!

Aaaaaand, last night I had another jiao-zhe party:

Alaskan Winter beers are back, y'all!


TwoYaks said...

I had the exact same reaction this morning. I never get tired of the snow. The number of people who move here and then are grumpy about the snow is amazing. How can they not be excited?! It's winter again!

Rena said...

True Alaskan, I guess! You look so happy in your snowy driveway. I just don't know how you deal with the never-ending darkness - perhaps your healthy lifestyle fights against the gloomy dark skies?

Vanessa said...

Crazy... I'm melting in the extended summer of Norcal.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

As pleased as I am by the weather finally warming up here in South Oz, by February I think I'd do anything for snow.

Well, as long as the pool is still warm, of course.

flying fish said...

Hey, what kind of camera do you use? It does a great job indoors and out.

Snow is steadily creeping down the mountains. Can't wait!

b said...

OMG tuck in the shirt! is that your stomach exposed to that snow and ice? BRRRRRRRRR

Debs said...

Beautiful - enjoy!

Debs said...

p.s. There is a new Daisy in the world - she's 2 months old this week ;-)

Arvay said...

@flying fish: It's an Olympus, and I'm not sure which of these collections of characters is the model number, so I'll give you all of them: "Stylus Tough-6000, Olympus lens 3.6x Optical wide zoom, 5.0-18.2mm 1:3.5-5.1"

@b: That's not my stomach; it's my belly. The stomach is an internal organ. :)

@Debs: Are you talking about a human or a puppy? I will email you to demand photos right now!

Debs said...

Photos sent.

Also, I'm pleased to find another rare person who is as pedantic about the use of the word stomach as I am LOL