Friday, October 21, 2011


And here is your feel-good story for today: Obama awards Presidential Citizens Medal to Fort Yukon man

[Clarence] Alexander served as Fort Yukon Chief for a dozen years, but the award is specific to his work related to the Yukon River Inter-Tribal Watershed Council which he co-founded in 1997, and his efforts leading to the closure of open-burning dumps and the removal or recycling of millions of pounds of waste...

Also, also: Here be giant veggies:

A giant kohlrabi, a giant rutabaga, and a giant turnip, grown by Tim Meyers of Meyers Farm, in Bethel. I cannot imagine growing anything in Bethel. To be fair, I've never been there, but out on the coast there, the weather is crazy harsh. Ayy! Major props to Mr. Meyers, who won an award at the 5th Annual Alaska Marketplace Competition, which is a competition sponsored by the Alaska Federation of Natives to provide seed money to and encourage growth of small businesses throughout rural Alaska.

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