Monday, May 27, 2013

Spring crashes into Summer

I don't think we had a spring this year. It was brrr... brrrr... brrrr... ACK! Pass the lemonade! I'm sticky and sweaty!

Anyway, here I have dutifully documented greenup in my 'hood for you:

I asked a friend if I could have a cutting from her rhubarb, so she instead took the liberty of buying me one as a gift so I could plant it sooner in the season. I tried to plant it today, but about 6 inches down, the ground is still frozen. I'll just have to dig a little deeper each day as the sun penetrates my fresh layer each day. It's quite fast, as the ground is dark and warms quickly, much like a behbehreindeer. :)

Miss Millie B. Doofus, Late Supreme Ruler of the People's Independent Republic of Bunnistan, declared, "The first thing allowed to grow in my kingdom in 2013 shall be a new rose bush, on my resting place."


mdr said...

I think I saw rhybarb icecream somewhere before, unbelievable!

Arvay said...

I should try that! Rhubarb is not exactly my favorite thing in the world, but it's healthy, visually pretty, not tasty to moose, and requires literally NO maintenance once it is established. I see rhubarb flourishing on abandoned lots!

mdr said...

D. brought her vegi to the Thai place, you can bring your rhubarb to Hot licks to make ice cream, if good, CH can patent it :)