Friday, November 15, 2013

And then the wind came...

On Wednesday night, a crazy windstorm tore through our little valley, downing trees, exploding transformers, and bringing down every substation from here to Nenana to Salcha. I've been without power since then. Now, most of my neighbors are back up, but not my immediate neighbors, nor me. The girls and I are enjoying romantic cuddles by candlelight. I called into a meeting of the Alaska Wind Working Group that was taking place in Anchorage and enjoyed the irony of joining a meeting on wind power by candlelight since wind had knocked out my power.

People who didn't have wood stoves were very cold.

I ate all of my ice cream.

Various neighbors called me inviting me over for food. I am perfectly capable of cooking on the wood stove, but I accepted out of boredom and lack of social interaction. Anyway, cooking on the wood stove is not as nice when it's not that cold outside (it was around 20F/-7C). Firing up the stove hot enough to cook overheats the cabin right quick!

Some thoughts I never thought I'd think:

"I'm lucky I don't have running water to worry about pipes freezing."

"Hmmm... I'm gonna go get that extra candle from the outhouse. That'd be right nice."

"I'd better bring my chain saw into the house to warm up, in case I need it!"

"I'd better put a bow saw in the car, in case I need it!"

I guess one of the biggest mental changes I've made since moving from silicon2tanana valley is that I try to be prepared for every eventuality. In California, being prepared means keeping your cell phone charged and having an auto club subscription. In Alaska, being prepared means keeping a saw on your person. In addition to all kinds of things in your car.


mdr said...

I am happy and proud to see you being more capable than the rest of the family and many others I know, you have more ability to fit in and survive. What I probably never will understand is why choosing a life style to confront civilization for such a long time.

Glad you have a wood stove too and it has a cozy look too.

Please be careful and hope your electricity returns and stays asap.

mdr said...

Remember I have a huge (about small end table size) hard plastic container next to my bed? I have all emergency supplies inside, some might be too old but most don't expire.

I think we are most vulnerable when we are asleep, that is why I place the container by my bed, along with my purse.